Learning About Forests

Learning About Forests aims to make people reconnect with our woodland heritage and to imbue children with a sense of ownership of their environment which, in many places, has become lost over time. This reconnect with the environment is intended to reassert the idea that our forests are a natural asset to be treasured and kept safe for future generations, an idea which has for decades been neglected as our trees fuelled economic expansion and lifestyle improvements. The myriad of ways in which forests show a beneficial impact on our lives is stressed to children, often during field trips out into the woods to see first hand where they can be educated on the importance of the “lungs of the planet”.

What do we do?


Learning About Forests instils in children a sense of ownership in their natural surroundings, rekindling in them the wonderment which woodlands evoke and reminding them of the importance the environment plays in our lives.


Through hands-on learning, the LEAF programme educates about all aspects of the forested environment,  encouraging children to understand and engage more with their surroundings.

Learning About Forests inspires students to use their forests and to appreciate all the wonderful things they do for us, from the wood we use to the oxygen we breathe.


Children are encouraged through illustrative means and field trips to realise just how important it is to protect and improve our woodlands. The sustainability for which the Foundation for Environmental Education campaigns is at the core of this programme.


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